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Breaking Bad Chrome theme by toxic

Another Breaking Bad theme by toxic 🙂 This was the first Breaking Bad theme created but for some reason, the 2nd to upload 😛

Breaking Bad on the Couch by toxic

Breaking Bad I’ve never watched it but have been told it’s a great series.

Vampire Diaries Chrome theme by toxic

Who’s up for some Vampire Diaries?

Bumblebee Transformers 4 Chrome theme by toxic

LMAO! a 4th movie? they’ve got to be joking right! and look what they’ve done to Bumblebee

Epic Chrome theme by toxic

Epic, new movie for 2013

Monsters University

This user request theme was quick, simple and downloads very fast. Install it now, it’s a Monster!

300: Rise of an Empire – Artemisia

300: Rise of an Empire – Artemisia by toxic Are you ready for the new 300 movie? Artemisia is!

Wolverine (2013)

Wolverine (2013) Movie theme by toxic

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 theme by toxic

Pacific Rim theme by toxic

The first theme on the Chrome Web Store for the upcoming 2013 movie, Pacific Rim

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