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Rayquaza - Pokemon theme by toxic

Rayquaza – Pokemon by toxic

Resolution 1366×768 – Rayquaza from the Pokemon anime Rayquaza – Pokemon theme by toxic version 1.0 Resolution: 1366×768 Easily in my favourite top 10 of Pokemon from all the generations. Resolution: 1366×768 – INSTALL

Man of Steel (Superman) theme by toxic

Superman from the 2013 movie, Man of Steel. 1366×768 – INSTALL

Rei Miyamoto – HOTD

Lets have another Highschool of the Dead theme! I know there is one or two Rei fans in here

Saya Takagi – HOTD

Saya Takagi – Highschool of the Dead

Akira (Manga)

Arrgghhh!!…. What’s happening?… Akira (Manga’s smash hit)

Superman Blue by toxic

Superman Blue version 1.2 This Original Superman Blue theme was created by toxic in May 2010. Now updated a second time to 1.2     1366×768 – INSTALL

SuperGirl by toxic

Bored with the Superman themes going around for Chrome? Then pick this, SuperGirl! faster than a speeding bullet! more powerful than a locomotive and the hottest female Superhero you’ll ever see!

Hulk Angry


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