Monthly Archives: June 2013

Man of Steel (Superman) theme by toxic

Superman from the 2013 movie, Man of Steel.

1366×768 – INSTALL

Cammy – Street Fighter

Cammy from the Street Fighter games.

Akuma – Street Fighter

Akuma from the Street Fighter games.

Breaking Bad Chrome theme by toxic

Another Breaking Bad theme by toxic 🙂

This was the first Breaking Bad theme created but for some reason, the 2nd to upload 😛

Breaking Bad on the Couch by toxic

Breaking Bad

I’ve never watched it but have been told it’s a great series.

Rei Miyamoto – HOTD

Lets have another Highschool of the Dead theme!
I know there is one or two Rei fans in here

Saya Takagi – HOTD

Saya Takagi – Highschool of the Dead

Thief Chrome theme by toxic


A toxic chrome theme worth having in your collection.

HALO Chrome theme by toxic

This theme once had over 40 thousand user installs but, as a lot of my themes, it got banned by Google

Now down to just over 200

Lets see if we can get HALO CHROME back up n top

Into the Mist

Into the Mist…